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As your long distance moving date approaches, it is important to have your items prepared for transit to ensure the items arrive at their destination safely. You can follow these packing tips to ensure a successful loading process and move:

  • When packing boxes, keep in mind that all books, clothing, electronic devices, linens, draperies, curtains, small rugs, tools, and all small items that can fit in a box must be boxed up. It is always best to pack one room at a time and be sure to label the boxes in order to maintain organized.
  • All glass and fragile items (televisions, glassware, china, dishes, silverware, vases, lamps, glass tabletops, statues, pictures, mirrors, and all miscellaneous fragile items) MUST be properly wrapped in order to properly protect the items from damage while in transit. After the fragile item is properly wrapped, it is important that you surround the wrapped item with insulation, like packing peanuts or additional bubble wrap, within the box. This will help prevent the item from shifting around in the box and will ultimately avoid damage.
  • All dresser and cabinet drawers MUST be emptied out for the safety of the movers and the integrity of your furniture.
  • Be sure not to pack any medication or important documents in your boxes that you may need to access while your belongings are in transit. Also, as per the Department of Transportation, no perishable items are permitted in your boxes, this includes food, live plants, or hazardous liquids.
  • Mattresses and box springs, by regulation, need to be properly covered for transit. We suggest a plastic mattress cover that is available wherever packing supplies are sold.

Follow these moving tips and we’re sure your long distance move will go smoothly!

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